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Digisonic-2s an indigenous design with international standards and quality. It is an advanced trendsetter equipment from our R&D. The Digisonic-2s comes with 1 MHz and 3 MHz outputs with contact control sensor facility. Contact controls suspends the Ultrasound output when the transducer contact with the skin is insufficient. It has a microcontroller based circuitry with large LCD display for viewing all parameters. It is feature rich with Easily selectable Modes (1 Continuous and 9 pulse mode) and ultra feather touch keys for all functions. FEATURES 1 MHZ and 3 MHZ outputs in single transducer Contact control sensor Graphic LCD display Evidence based Pre-programmes User programmable memory Water resistant transducer Energy Efficient Two size transducer Compact and stylish Feather touch Cap-sense keys SPECIFICATIONS Frequency – 1 MHZ and 3 MHZ Therapy modes – Continuous / Pulsed Pulse mode – 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 , 60 ,70 , 80 , 90 & 100% Pulse Rate – 100Hz Intensity – 0.1 – 3 W/cm2 ERA Transducer L – 5cm2 2 ERA Transducer S – 0.8cm (optional) LCD Display – Customised Timer – 1 – 99 mins

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