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UNISTIM -5S HMS proudly presents UNISTIM® 5S an advanced interferential combination therapy equipment. It has more than six different types of electrotherapy applications such as Interferential, Russian, Tens, etc. We have designed and developed this device in such a way that it is Simple to operate and provide high functionality. All the available options such as types of current and types of therapy are clearly displayed on the large LCD screen. Required parameters and settings can be easily set with the help of five soft touch keys. UNISTIM® 5S has pre-programmed settings with treatment applications offering protocols for more than 77 frequently occurring indications and therapies as well as custom settings for the physiotherapist to store their personalised settings in user memory. FEATURES Both medium and low frequency Currents Russian stimulation 77 pre-programs condition wise with protocols Cable and electrode checking mode User settable memory Soft touch(capsense) keys Lightweight and compact design Plastic moulded cabinet Large graphic LCD display International standards and specifications Advanced patient safety system Output mode CC/CV Independent intensity controls for each channel Carrier frequency – 2000hz/4000hz Base frequency – 1-150 hz (1hz step) Sweep frequency – 0-150 (1hz step) Sweep modulation program – 1/1s 1/5, 1/5s 6/6s Therapy Modes – Four pole interferential, Four pole vector 90°, Four pole vector 45°, Two pole pre-modulated Russian current Frequency – 2500 hz Ramp rise/fall – 1-10 sec(1sec step) Burst – 50-250hz(10hz step) Hold on – 1-99 sec(1sec step) Hold off – 1-99 sec(1sec step) Muscle stimulator currents Plain galvanic – Continuous DC Current Int.galvanic – Diagnostic – 0.01, 0.03, 0.1, 0.3, 1.3, 10, 30, 100, 300 msec(in 10 msec variation) Offtime – 500, 1000, 2000 msec. Faradic Freq./p.width – 50hz/0.7 msec. Surge ontime – 1-10 sec.(in 1 sec.variation) Surge offtime – 1-6 sec.(in 1 sec.variation) Tens Frequency – 2-250hz(in hz variation) Pulse width – 20-250 sec (In 1 sec variation ) Burst Frequency – 1-10hz Ultra reiz ONTime – 2 msec OFFTime – 5 msec Low Frequency Alternating current Diadynamic currents – DF, MF, CP, LP, RS, MM TIMER – 0-60 MINUTES DISPLAY – 128X128 GRAPHIC BACKLITE LCD DISPLAY

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