product Detail

Product Detail

S W D 500 Watt - INDOTHERM 500

NDOTHERM 500 is a heavy duty shortwave diathermy equipment can be used in hospitals and big clinics. It is mounted in castors to move from place to place. It has plastic moulded multi-position arms set for setting the treatment place without disturbing the patient. Digital timer for setting the treatment time.


  • Rapid Reduction of wounds
  • Rapid re absorption of haematomas and oedemas
  • Powerful Stimulation of the Peripheral Circulation
  • Post-Traumatic and post operative disorders such as arthropathy, confusion, distortion,haematom.
  • Other Disorders such as ankylopoietic ,Spondylosis , Bursitis, coccygodinia, myalagia(acute) and chronic sinusitis.
  • General frequency 27.12 MHz
  • Output Power 500 W
  • Timer digital timer 0-99 min. with acoustic signal and automatic cut-off.